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Owners of Indy League Fishing

Our staff at Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is astonished by the growth and support from loyal Anglers fishing the Indy League Fishing Series. The reach of our brand among the Angler community has been amazing to watch. It has certainly played a part in Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram obtaining number 1 status in Indiana. We are looking to reward our Anglers by offering a contingency program for the 2019 Indy League Fishing season. Those who registered for the program will have a chance earn $200.00 and a Custom Sublime Jersey showing your sponsors as well as a one of a kind Series Champion logo from Kahlo. Sign up today.

2019 Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Contingency Program Qualifications

  • 1. Drive a Kahlo Purchased Vehicle

    Own or lease a vehicle purchased from Kahlo. Vehicle must be registered in your name individually or jointly. Please note vehicle and boat eligibility now requires a year, make and model listed to qualify. The purchased vehicle from Kahlo does not have to be brand specific to qualify, such as used vehicles purchased can be any manufacturer.

  • 2. Register see registration from below

    Complete the official registration form and return via email or complete the online form with Indy League Fishing. In addition, submit a copy of your current truck registration and / or year, make and model with VIN# with your registration form to Indy League Fishing via registration online or email. Registration must be received and confirmed by Kahlo and Indy League Fishing prior to fishing in your first contingency paying event. You will receive an email response once your registration has been approved. You do not have to re-register for the Program annually, unless your information has changed.

  • 3. Fish an ILF Qualifying Event

    Participate in an Indy League Fishing contingency paying tournament, and finish in 1st place. Qualifying ILF events include a all the Select Series Events both Qualifying and Championship rounds. See a list of Qualifying events below.

    • Kahlo Select Series 1 Qualifying Round or Championship
    • Kahlo Select Series 2 Qualifying Round or Championship
    • Kahlo Kup Series 1 Qualifying Round or Championship
    • Wieda's Marine Series 1 Qualifying Round or Championship
    • Wieda's Marine Series 2 Qualifying Round or Championship
    • Lake Drive Marine Series 1 Qualifying Round or Championship
    • Lake Drive Marine Series 2 Qualifying Round or Championship
  • 4. Stickers / Decals
    Kahlo Contingency Sticker

    A one of a kind Kahlo Fishing Team decal will be mailed to you and must be placed on the back window, bumper or side of your vehicle (if wrapped) AND boat windshield, motor cowling or boat gunwale prior to any Indy League Fishing Kahlo Contingency Sponsored event. These items as well as the matching registration information will be photographed at the event. Pictures of the winner will be placed on the Indy League Fishing website.

  • 5. Redeem Your Reward

    Your registration and display of Kahlo Contingency stickers on your boat and vehicle is all you need to be paid within 30-days of your finish. Upon verification and approval, your contingency payment will be sent via U.S. mail. Winners should allow a minimum of 2 weeks for approval, processing and distribution. A certificate to Sublime for the Custom Jersey will be mailed with the check. There will be a choice of 2 jerseys and 2 layouts. You will need to communicate with sublime a list of approved sponsors and specified placement before the order. No conflicting sponsor/advertiser will be allowed on this Jersey such as another car dealership.

Kahlo Contingency Program Registeration Form