ILF Kahlo High School Team Series Round 2

First Place Team - Jaret Wampner | Cole Amos
June 8, 2019 - Middle Fork Reservoir Richmond IN

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Wieda’s Marine Select Series #2 Championship

Sean Wieda Wins
June 9, 2019 - Grand Lake - Celina OH

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Kahlo Select Series 1 Championship

Kahlo Team Series #2

First Place - Jim Wheeler & Fred Claar
May 25, 2019 - Dewart Lake, Leesburg IN

Wieda’s Marine Select Series #2 Qualifying Round 1

First Place Winner - Matt Cash
May 18, 2019 - Acton Lake Hueston Woods State Park OH

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Wieda’s Marine Select Series #2 Qualifying Round 2

Sean Wieda Wins
May 19, 2019 - Brookville Lake, Brookville IN

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High School Team Qualifying Round 1

Wyatt Beuerlein | Colsyn Head
May 4, 2019 - Summit Lake, New Castle IN

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Wieda's Marine Series 1 Championship

Marc Fishburn Wins
May 5, 2019 - Summit Lake, New Castle IN

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Lake Drive Marine Series 1

First Place Winner - Greg Mangus
April 27, 2019 - Cooked Lake, Angola IN

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Lake Drive Marine Series 1

Crooked Lake, Angola IN
12 Anglers 133lbs 03ozs

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Kahlo Contingency Program

We have hosted tournaments on Crooked Lake in the past however not this time of year and under these extreme conditions. Twelve Anglers caught a total of 133lbs 03ozs of a mix of small mouth and largemouth bass to lite up the Leaderboard. Greg Mangus started early and held the lead throughout the day to win the event with 22lbs 7ozs. When the sleet started to fall in the last 30 minutes of the third period the 2nd and 3rd place positions changed four times. At the end Rick Thatcher took 2nd place and Phill Duracz placed 3rd. Special thanks to all the Boat Officials who had to endure the cold, sleet and rain. See complete details here. Event Details

Wieda's Marine Select Series 1 Round 2

First Place Winner - Phil Hunt
April 20, 2019 - Cedar Creek Lake KY

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Wieda's Marine Select Series 1 Round 2

Cedar Creek Lake Stanford KY
12 Anglers 188lbs 10ozs

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Kahlo Contingency Program

Cedar Creek Lake near Stanford KY April 20, 2019. Despite another rainy day with a cold front drop this lake produced numbers and quality fish. Twelve Anglers competed and the leaderboard lite up. Phil Hunt lead the way with 39lbs 4ozs followed by Kevin Moeller with 37lbs 0ozs. Mike Powell prop spun out at the beginning of the 2nd period but held in there with just his trolling motor catching a 3lb 15oz Smallmouth in the 3rd period. See complete details here. Event Details

2019 Kahlo Select Series 1 Round 1

First Place Winner - Jim Miller
April 13, 2019 - Lake Lemon

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2019 Kahlo Select Series 1 Round 2

First Place Winner - Myron Higbie
April 14, 2019 - Lake Lemon

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Kahlo Team Trail #1

First Place Jason Stoops / Jaimie Young

Kahlo Team Trail #1

Glenn Flint Lake - Greencastle IN
Kahlo Contingency Program

April 7, 2019. Eight Teams competing. Rainy morning, mostly cloudy during the afternoon, temperatures in the mid 60’s. The quantity of fish caught was low however the quality was great with a new ILF recorded breaker of a 6lb 11oz caught by Greg Smith. There were several 4 pounders, 3 pounders and 2 pounders also caught throughout the day. See complete details here. Event Details

Wieda's Marine Select Series 1 Round 1

First Place Winner - Dennis Donovan

Wieda's Marine Select Series 1 Round 1

Guist Creek Lake - Shelbyville KY
Kahlo Contingency Program

March 31, 2019. This was the first of two Qualifying Rounds for the Wieda’s Selects Series #1 where Anglers compete to advance to the Championship round. It was an extremely challenging day for our Anglers due to an over-night 40-degree air temperature drop and a 10-degree water temperature drop. Anglers were informed of the lake the morning of this event so no time for practice. There were given a 15-minute ride around to determine there starting spot. The day was broken up into three two-hour periods. Only 3 scorable bass caught all day and that was in the first period. Only two Anglers will advance to the Championship round: Dennis Donovan from Hamilton OH and Steve Sydnor Dry Ridge Ky. The next Qualifying Round is April 20th. See complete details here. Event Details

Mike McClelland

Talks About How to Prepare for a MLF and ILF Event

Wired2Fish Video of the Week

3 Advanced Shaky Head Tips for Spawning Bass

Kahlo Chysler Dodge Jeep RAM Contingency Program

Top the Leaderboard - Cash a Check
Kahlo Contingency Program

Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is now offering a Contingency Program for ILF Anglers who finish in first place in a Series Elimination Round or Championship Round and own or lease a Kahlo vehicle. See complete details and registration form here.Rgister Here

Indy League Fishing Jersey Program

Custom make it your way!
Sublime ILF Jersey Program

Indy League Fishing has partnered with Sublime Wear USA to bring you a full line of custom Jersey’s starting at $62.09. You can customize the Jersey your way choosing from over 16 designs in various colors and styles. You can upgrade your Jersey apparel by adding a matching Neck Gaiter and even a matching hand towel. Jersey's come branded with the ILF logo however add any of your own sponsor logos as well. See Details

Why You Should Consider Fishing ILF in 2019

  • You only compete against a limited number of Anglers in any given Round (11 Anglers for the Select Series or 29 Teams for the Classic Team Trail) for a chance to win a sizable payout in a Championship.
  • Even playing field – no Angler knows the lake until the morning of each event.
  • No pre-fishing cost or expenses.
  • Preserving our fish resources through the ILF immediate weigh, release and score system format.
  • It’s exciting, challenging and will change the way you fish.
  • No one does it better than Indy League Fishing.

What we do.

Indy League Fishing is the first and only organization to stay pure to the MLF format for weekend Anglers. Anglers have been watching the Major League Fishing on TV for several years and have all wanted to fish a Major League Fishing format tournament, Indy League Fishing now gives them the opportunity to fish a “Pure” MLF format. We have hosted tournaments in the Midwest, including: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and soon expanding to Kentucky in 2019.

Mike and Bob run a great series. Anglers come from all states that surround Indiana to fish a true MLF format. It’s definitely the future of fishing bass tournaments. Fish care held to the highest standards, as well as angler etiquette. If you have been thinking about trying it just do it, do not wait any longer.

Josh McDermott

2018 Kahlo KUP Series Champion

Josh McDermott 2018 Kahlo Kup Champion

Josh McDermott has fished with ILF for the past four years. In 2015 he won the ILF Inaugural Championship on Raccoon Lake, Rockville, IN. In 2018 he became a repeat Champion by winning the ILF Kahlo Select KUP Series with 34lbs 04ozs catching 14 scorable bass. This event was held on Morse Reservoir, Noblesville, IN. See Details

Become a Boat Official

Female Boat Officials

ILF Boat Officials play a vital role in our Select Series Events. It will be an enjoyable day on the water being in a boat and watching some of the best amateur Anglers around. See how they break down a lake, their fishing techniques and how they react under the MLF/ILF pressures. ILF provides online video training as well as written materials and you will be surprised how easy it is. See Details

By The Numbers

By the Numbers

Check out ILF By the Numbers showing our growth, weights, fish scored, penalties, Angler held records, Lake records and other interesting facts.
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In 2019 you will be able to catch all the action on our Facebook page with live videos and Angler interviews at our events plus follow you favorite Angler on our new Digital Livewell live score tracking system. Friend Us

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