2020 Schedule Announced First Week of January 2020

ILF Angler Troy Sheahan 2019 Kahlo KUP Champion

2019 Select KUP Series Champion

Anglers earn their way to the Select KUP Series through points earned in a Qualifying Series. The total pay out $8,000.

  • Troy Sheahan
  • October 20, 2019
  • Cedar Creek Lake, Lincoln County,KY

Mike McClelland

Talks About How to Prepare for a MLF and ILF Event

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Drop Shot and Spoon Tactics for Fall Bass

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Why You Should Consider Fishing ILF in 2020

  • You only compete against a limited number of Anglers in any given Round (11 Anglers for the Select Series or 29 Teams for the Classic Team Trail) for a chance to win a sizable payout in a Championship.
  • Even playing field – no Angler knows the lake until the morning of each event.
  • No pre-fishing cost or expenses.
  • Preserving our fish resources through the ILF immediate weigh, release and score system format.
  • It’s exciting, challenging and will change the way you fish.
  • No one does it better than Indy League Fishing.

What we do.

Indy League Fishing is the first and only organization to stay pure to the MLF format for weekend Anglers. Anglers have been watching the Major League Fishing on TV for several years and have all wanted to fish a Major League Fishing format tournament, Indy League Fishing now gives them the opportunity to fish a “Pure” MLF format. We have hosted tournaments in the Midwest, including: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and soon expanding to Kentucky in 2019.

Mike and Bob run a great series. Anglers come from all states that surround Indiana to fish a true MLF format. It’s definitely the future of fishing bass tournaments. Fish care held to the highest standards, as well as angler etiquette. If you have been thinking about trying it just do it, do not wait any longer.

Josh McDermott

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By the Numbers

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