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October 8, 2023
Meeting Location: SoreMouth Tackle, Kokomo IN

Limit 20 Anglers

ILF Original Event Format

Event is one Angler one Boat Official per boat

Entry for this event is $205. Total payout $3,000*, based on *20 Anglers competing.
Anglers must be 16 years old or greater and must have a driver’s license.
The Angler is responsible for providing a Boat Official for each Event.

Why You Should Consider Fishing an ILF Event

  • You only compete against a limited number of Anglers in any given event for a chance to win a sizable payout in every Event.
  • Even playing field – no Angler knows the lake until the morning of each event.
  • No pre-fishing cost or expenses.
  • Preserving our fish resources through the ILF immediate weigh, release and score system format.
  • It’s exciting, challenging and will change the way you fish.
  • No one does it better than Indy League Fishing.

Our Scoring System - Digital Livewell

By the Numbers

Imagine watching a basketball game without a scoreboard or even worse playing in a game not knowing the score until the end. That's a typically what happens in most fishing tournaments. Digital Livewell is a game changer!
See Details

ILF High School Program

Digital Livewell

We would love to work with more High Schools and coaches providing them the opportunity to have their students experience the MLF/ILF experience.

Thank you for having an awesome series. I am so happy I got to fish Indy League Fishing in 2019. I have been in the game for over 30 years and ILF has brought new life to my fishing.

John Sabatini