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July 17, 2022

Shootout #4

2022 Shootout #4

Lake: Wawasee Indiana.
1st Dustin Davis from Richmond IN
2nd Place Greg Mangus from Fremont IN
3 Place Blake Cross from Coatesville IN

Winners Team Event #1

2022 Rookie Event #1

Lake: Prairie Creek, Muncie IN (20mpr).
1st Place Rick Ford from Greencastle IN
2nd Place Justin Waterman from Charlottesville IN

What determines the difference between North Indiana and South Indiana?

State of Indiana

Many have asked what is the boundary line between Northern and Southern Indiana when ILF sets a meeting location for an event? First, we take the two Indianapolis lakes , Geist and Morse, out of the decision. These two lakes heavily pressured and launch fees are excessive. Second, we look at the number of fishable lakes in each section of the state to assure that there are enough bodies of water to represent the MLF format. ILF has chosen the Kokomo area to represent the dividing line as to North or South. Meeting locations are selected for each section typically trying to keep the driving time to a lake within a 100-mile radius.

Doug Ashley joins ILF Organization as the 2022 ILF tournament season starts to take shape.

Doug Ashley

Bob and Mike welcome Doug to ILF. Doug Ashley may be new to some of you , but if you've been around tournament bass fishing in Indiana, perhaps he's just an old friend back in the spotlight. Doug Ashley got his start in tournament fishing when he was just 7 years old. Although his father David Ashley got him into bass tournaments in the early 80's, it was his mother Diane that took him to his first derby in the mid 70's. Although there are no records to confirm the results, Doug believes he finished in the Top 3 of the first and only Anchor Mates Bluegill Tournament on Aqua Gardens in Anderson. Sources have it that there were 4 contestants that day and one went home early because she needed to take her nap.

Doug is joining the ILF Tournament Team to help grow the circuit and the format. With his help, ILF will add more tournaments to the circuit in future and look at ways to make the events even better. Doug is not new to the world of tournament bass fishing. When he is not participating in bass tournaments, he has been known to organize and operate a few as well. He was a co-director of the Indiana Federation Tournament Trail for 6 years in the mid 90's. He also was one of the original directors of the Anglers Dream circuit in the early 2000's. Taking a break from organizing and fishing the larger circuits, he started a local Wednesday night tournament in center Indiana on White River. After slowing down, raising his son, and enjoying travel with his wife and family, Doug is ready to try on his tournament directors hat again. If you join the ILF circuit this year for the first time, or you're a regular at the ramp, stop and introduce yourself to the new (old) guy.

If you are a tournament angler and want to challenge yourself signup with ILF! This is in my opinion is the best bang for your buck. The ILF is professionally run and is a friendly competitive atmosphere. Try the new rookie events to cut your teeth in the MLF format. This is a great way to see if it fits your style of fishing. I look forward to seeing all of you on the water!

Bud Tonkel

Why You Should Consider Fishing ILF in 2022

  • You only compete against a limited number of Anglers in any given event for a chance to win a sizable payout in every Event.
  • Even playing field – no Angler knows the lake until the morning of each event.
  • No pre-fishing cost or expenses.
  • Preserving our fish resources through the ILF immediate weigh, release and score system format.
  • It’s exciting, challenging and will change the way you fish.
  • No one does it better than Indy League Fishing.

What we do.

Indy League Fishing is the first and only organization to stay pure to the MLF format for weekend Anglers. Anglers have been watching the Major League Fishing on TV for several years and have all wanted to fish a Major League Fishing format tournament, Indy League Fishing now gives them the opportunity to fish a “Pure” MLF format. We have hosted tournaments in the Midwest, including: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

Our Scoring System - Digital Livewell

By the Numbers

Imagine watching a basketball game without a scoreboard or even worse playing in a game not knowing the score until the end. That's a typically what happens in most fishing tournaments. Digital Livewell is a game changer!
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ILF High School Program

Digital Livewell

We would love to work with more High Schools and coaches providing them the opportunity to have their students experience the MLF/ILF experience.

Thank you for having an awesome series. I am so happy I got to fish Indy League Fishing in 2019. I have been in the game for over 30 years and ILF has brought new life to my fishing.

John Sabatini

By The Numbers

By the Numbers

Check out ILF By the Numbers showing our growth, weights, fish scored, penalties, Angler held records, Lake records and other interesting facts.
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In 2019 you will be able to catch all the action on our Facebook page with live videos and Angler interviews at our events plus follow you favorite Angler on our new Digital Livewell live score tracking system. Friend Us