ILF Kahlo Classic Team Trail Series Format
(Boater / Non-Boater Draw)
A modified Major League Fishing Format

See Team Trail Rules

The ILF Kahlo Classic Team Trail Series consists of two (2) one day Qualifying Events and a Classic Championship. Qualifying Round 1 will be Southern and Qualifying Round 2 will be Northern. All Rounds will follow a modified Major League Fishing format. Details are as follows:

  • Team Entry Fee: $310 per event $155 each Angler. Qualifying Events payout 90%, the Classic Event payout 90%. Payout positions are as follows: 1st place, 2nd place, 3 place, 4th place and 5th place. Payouts are based on number of teams competing. The top fifteen (15) Teams from each Round Advance to the Classic Round. Should any of the top 15 Teams choose not to participate additional invites will be given to the next ranking Anglers in sequence.
  • Field Size: The field size is limited to 30 Teams, first come first serve. Teams must register in advance.
  • Team Defined: Team Defined: Anglers sign up as a Boater / Non-Boater Team. The Non-Boater will fish with a different Boater base on a pre-determined draw by ILF. Each of the Team Anglers even though they will be on different boat will score on the same leaderboard. Anglers must be 16 years of age or more and have a valid drivers license.
  • Scoring Device: Each team member is required to have a SmartPhone device.
  • Lake Locations: Teams will be notified of a meeting location 72 hours in advance, such as: a Walmart parking lot in a specific city. Both Team members are required to attend a pre-tournament meeting at said meeting location, failure to do so will disqualify the Team. The Lake will be announced at the Pre-Tournament meeting at which time Teams will be released to drive to the Lake.
  • Boat and Non-Boater on the Boat: The Boater must supply a Boat. While fishing the Non-Boater is not allow on the front deck. The boater oversees and operates the trolling motor. If the Boater is in a penalty for a rule violation the Boater may still operate the trolling motor.
  • Tournament Hours: Each event will last six (6) hours consisting of two (2) three (3) hour periods. Boaters will be released in Flights of 15 boats 15 minutes between Flights, no ride around period will be given. Boaters are required to return to a designated rendezvous area immediately after period one (1). Each boat will be given a floating number device at the beginning of their event which must be turned in at the end of Period one (1) at the rendezvous check point.
  • Penalties and Rule Violations: Anglers will not access penalties on each other. If any rule violations are committed by an Angler, the witnessing Angler must report it to the ILF Commissioner immediately. All Anglers must be familiar with all Rules.
  • Officiating: Both the Boater / Non-Boater are designated as the term “ILF Boat Official” used in the rules and will officiate for each other. See Weighing of The Bass Rule No. 6 and Scoring a Fish Rule No. 7.
  • Rules Requirement: ILF Angler are required to be familiar with the ILF COMPETITION RULES, INTERPRETATION & ENFORCEMENT.