See ILF Tournament Rules

  • Select Series Defined: Open to all Anglers 16 years old or greater who wish to experience the true ILF/Major League Fishing format. Anglers must have a driver's license. Anglers are required to sign up with a Boat Official.
  • Entry Fees: $205 per Angler 2024 One Day Select Events. One payout position for every 5 Anglers competing.
  • Field Size: 20 Anglers for each Select Shootout.
  • Participation: Anglers must pre-register by completing the Select Series Entry Form. Open to amateur or Pro Anglers who are at least 16 years old and have a driver license. Entries are on a first come basis. The Anglers Boat Officialmust register online separately.
  • Officiating: Your registered Boat Official must be 16 years or older with a driver license. They must have a Smart Phone device and be able to send text messages. You will be assigned a Boat Official during the event that will be different than the one you signed up with. Please provide an area of space so the Boat Official have a place to store any belongings.
  • Lake Locations: Anglers and Boat Officials will be notified of a meeting location 72 hours in advance, such as: a Walmart parking lot in a specific city. Both are required to attend a pre-tournament meeting at said meeting location, failure to do so will disqualify the Angler. The Lake will be announced at the Pre-Tournament meeting at which time you will be released to drive to the Lake.
  • Tournament Hours Each Select Shootout will be broken up into three (3) two-hour periods. Anglers are required to return to a designate rendezvous immediately after each period. Prior to the start of Period 1 Anglers will be given a minimum of a 15-minute ride around to determine their starting point. Period 2 and 3 there will be a maximum of a 10-minute ride around. The Select Series Challenge Championship will have three (3) two and one-half periods.
  • Rules Requirement: ILF Anglers and Boat Officials are required to be familiar with the ILF COMPETITION RULES, INTERPRETATION & ENFORCEMENT.