ILF Boat Official Sheenah Yoder

Well organized and professionally ran tournament. I was a little nervous about being a Boat Official but everything was explained well, the equipment was in good shape and the score tracker was easy to use. The tournament officials were readily available for any issues, too. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to make us Kentuckians feel welcomed in Michigan. If you get an opportunity to be an angler or boat official with ILF- do it!

Sheenah Yoder Boat Official
ILF Angler Mike Horning

Just want to thank Bob and Mike and say what a great job they do running Indy League Fishing. These guys put on a great event and have every detail covered. This format truly is the most exciting format I have ever experienced in fishing.

Mike Horning ILF Angler
ILF Angler Nathan Leitch

I want to give a shout out to these guys at ILF the tournament they put on was a blast! The pressure was always on and it was awesome! There is nothing like fishing under pressure! And watching the leader board jump back and forth!

Nathan LeitchHigh School ILF Angler
ILF Boat Official Chas Messersmith

I went into the Indy League Fishing deal looking to learn .... new ways to catch fish, new places to catch fish, different techniques. What I got out of this, was way more than I figured. I feel I can say that not only did I learn these things, I also saw my "fishing family" grow leaps and bounds!

Chas Messersmith Boat Official