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Live Leaderboard Scoring

Imagine watching a basketball game without a scoreboard or even worse playing in a game not knowing the score until the end. That's a typically what happens in most fishing tournaments.

Digital Livewell is a game changer. Now friends, family and fellow Anglers can now watch all the action of a fishing tournament event from home or on the go. Not only can you see where your favorite Angler ranks during the event in total weight you can also get live inside information such as lake or weather conditions and a running log of every fish caught. This brings the excitement to a whole new level.

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On The Water...Easy to Use, No Internet Required

On the tournament waters we have designed the Digital Livewell system to work on any SmartPhone device without an Internet connection. Anglers or Boat Officials can enter the weight of a fish caught into the Digital Livewell system by simply texting on their SmartPhone. Once the text is sent it automatically post to the Digital Livewell website for spectators at home to watch live. The Anglers participating in the Tournament will receive a text message back indicating where the rank in the event. Anglers can also request via a text the full leaderboard. Now everyone competing instantly knows the score which brings a whole new level of pressure and excitement on the Anglers

On the water the system works via texting so no internet service on the water is required. This is important due many lakes in the Midwest and around the country have not internet service, however texting is available most anywhere.

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