Learn...New Techniques... New Lakes...Its Fun!

ILF Boat Officials play a key role in our Select Series Events. If you would like to join our 2022 Boat Official Volunteer programs you will find it to be a fun experience. It can be a very enjoyable day on the water watching some of the best amateur Anglers around. Watching them break down a lake to locate their fish, seeing the different fishing techniques and seeing how they react under the pressures of “real time scoring”. It’s also a great way to learn what this format is all about. Many of our Anglers started as Boat Officials and now have gone on to compete in ILF tournaments and some have even won events. ILF provides written training materials and you will be surprised how easy it is. See details below.

Boat Official Weighing a Fish
Official ILF Scale

I went into the Indy League Fishing as a Boat Official looking to learn .... new ways to catch fish, new places to catch fish, different techniques . What I got out of this, was way more than i figured. I feel I can say that not only did I learn these things, I also saw my "fishing family" grow leaps and bounds.

Chas Messersmith, Indiana


Volunteer ILF Boat Officials are the essence of our MLF format events. Boat Officials play a key role in assuring the rules for safety, conservation and sportsmanship are upheld. In addition, a Boat Official is also the time keeper during the event and most importantly the official score keeper as well as ensuring Anglers adhere to the rules and assess penalties for rule violations.

Training & Supplies

ILF will send you training materials the Wednesday prior to your event. At an event there is additional training during the pre-tournament meeting. ILF also provides all the tools a Boat Official needs such as: ILF official scale, ILF Boat Official log book, two pens and extra battery for the scale.

Items a Boat Official Needs to Bring

  • Personal Floatation Device
  • SmartPhone with charging cord or extra power pack
  • Proper clothing for the days weather conditions
  • Always bring Rain Gear
  • Food and beverage