Want to fish Major League Fishing Style?...Now You Can!

Our Work Place

Indy League Fishing LLC formed in 2015 by Bob Speers and Mike Schwomeyer to host the high quality and exciting Major League Fishing format tournaments in the Midwest for amateur or Pro Anglers. In 2022 we have decided to take on a new member to the ILF team Doug Ashley.

We started in Indiana and now we are hosting Major League Fishing format tournaments in the Midwest, including Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Our mission is to maintain the Indy League Fishing format as close as possible to the Major League Fishing format and rules. Currently we are the only organization hosting MLF format tournaments in its true form to weekend amateur anglers including high school teams as well.

Example of Boater and Official weighing a fish

Why Choose ILF?

You only compete against a limited number of Anglers in any given event for a chance to win a sizable payout in each Event.

Even playing field – no Angler knows the lake until the morning of each event. No pre-fishing cost or expenses.

It’s exciting, challenging and will change the way you fish. No one does it better than Indy League Fishing.

Events: Select Series | Rookie | Team

Become a Boat Official

ILF volunteer Boat Officials play a key role in our Select Series Events. If you would like to join our 2022 Boat Official Volunteer programs you will find it to be a fun experience. It can be a very enjoyable day on the water watching some of the best amateur Anglers around.

Many of our Anglers started as Boat Officials and now have gone on to compete in ILF tournaments and some have even won events

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Well organized and professionally ran tournament. I was a little nervous about being a Boat Official but everything was explained well, the equipment was in good shape and the scoring system was easy to use. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to make me feel welcomed. If you get an opportunity to be an angler or boat official with Indy League Fishing- do it!
Sheenah Yoder Boat Official

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Conservation Protecting the Resources

One of the main benefits of the MLF/ILF format is protecting the resources. Over a six year period our ILF Anglers have caught 6,303 scorable bass that have all been released right where they were caught. This does not include thousands of non-scorable bass that were also released.

The format of catch, weigh, score and release all take place in less than a minute allowing the fish to be released back in the water right where it was caught. We have often witnessed in the spring when bedding fish are caught and released in the MLF/ILF format the fish goes right back the protecting its bed.

ILF also enforces a no litter rule that penalizes Anglers for littering such items as plastic baits, line and cigarette butts in the lake.

Example of a released fish