Want to fish Major League Fishing Style?...Now You Can!

Owners of Indy League Fishing

Indy League Fishing LLC was formed in 2015 by Bob Speers and Mike Schwomeyer to host the highest quality and exciting Major League Fishing format tournaments in the Midwest for amateur or Pro Anglers. We started in Indiana and now we are hosting MLF Format Tournaments in the Midwest, including: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and now Kentucky in 2019. Our goal and mission is to maintain the format as close as possible to the Major League Fishing format and rules. Check ILF by the numbers for information about our growth, payouts and held records.

Preserving our resources

A unique benefit to the ILF / MLF Style format is the care given to the fish. There are ILF / MLF rules with enforced penalties for improper fish care. For example, the fish are released in the same area they are caught, no fish goes in the livewell and there are no culling devices use. The fish must be released below the gunwale of the boat rather than tossed back in the water and fish cannot touch the Anglers body or anything in the boat including the floor of the boat.

Just want to thank Bob and Mike and say what a great job they do running Indy League Fishing. These guys put on a great event and have every detail covered. This format truly is the most exciting format I have ever experienced in fishing.

Mike Horning, Indiana

2019 Events

Our 2019 season now offers Angers several types of events in which to experience the Major League Fishing Style format.

Select Series (MLF Format)
  • The Select Series is a single Angler and a Boat Official in each event. The Kahlo Select Series, the Lake Drive Marine Select Series and the Wieda’s Marine Select Challenge Series are available for Anglers to sign up on a first come basis. In a Select Series Anglers only compete against 11 other Anglers in qualifying Rounds and 17 other Anglers in the KUP Championship Qualifying Rounds. Payouts in Championship range from $4,500 to $9,000 based on full fields. See the Schedule and Format and Rules
Team Trail Series Event (Modified MLF Format)
  • The Team Trail Series is design to give Non-Boaters a chance to experience the MLF format. Anglers sign up as a Team (Boater / Non-Boater), the Non-Boat of the Team will fish out of another Boat. Boat Officials are not need for the Team Trail Series since Anglers will official and score fish for each other. There are three Qualifying Rounds and a Classic Championship. The Team Trail Series is limited to 30 Teams. Total payouts range from $6,750 to $9,000 base on full fields. See the Schedule and Format and Rules
ILF High School Team Series (MLF Format)
  • ILF will be hosting 2 one day Qualifying Rounds in various locations. The top 10 Teams in each of the Qualifying Rounds will advance to compete in the ILF High School Scholarship Championship with a chance for the winning Team to receive a minimum $2,000 Scholarship reward. See the Schedule and Format and Rules
Lake Drive Marine Invitational Challenge (MLF Format)
  • This is a Sponsor one-day event Boater / Boat Official held in Michigan the month of October.