Testimonials form Anglers

Testimonials form Anglers

Mike Dove - August 25, 2015

I Just want to thank everyone for their support before , during and after the Indy League Fishing Championship. Gave it our all. No Excuses, just fell short to a guy (Josh Mcdermott ) who put on a clinic. Congrats Josh, you proved what a champion looked like. Thanks to Indy League Fishing, Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers for putting on one heck of a series. A special thanks to Bobby Adams Fishing and Big Daddy Comer for staying out on the lake all day and cheering me on. A lot of things went through my head while Fishing in this type of Format , and those I will keep to myself. However, I can tell you that a Major League format with the rules, Scoretracker and the way you fish was unlike anything I have done in fishing. If you want to test what you really are made of - give it a try!! Wow!! I was hoping to win it all . However, with the Quality of fisherman I went up against during the series , I will take Runner Up with my head held High. Ready to do it again!!

Mike Dove in action
Nathan Leitch - July 17, 2016

ILF Angler Nathan Leitch I want to give a shout out to these guys at ILF the tournament they put on was a blast! The pressure was always on and it was awesome! There is nothing like fishing under pressure! And watching the leader board jump back and forth! Bass Unlimited High School Team Tournament

Ty Coon - July 17, 2016

ILF Angler Ty Coon Big thanks to you guys at ILF and Bass Unlimited for throwing this event it was a blast. It was one of the best fishing formats I have ever fished. It is pressuring knowing what everyone else has. But that is one of the things that make this event a blast! Thanks for throwing this event! ! Bass Unlimited High School Team Tournament

Mike Horning - April 19, 2016

ILF Angler Aaron Hochstedler Just want to thank Bob and Mike and say what a great job they do running Indy League Fishing . These guys put on a great event and have every detail covered. This format truly is the most exciting format I have ever experienced in fishing.

Aaron Hochstedler - October 18, 2015

ILF Angler Aaron Hochstedler Fished the Indy League Fishing Boater/Non Boater tournament as a Boater at Morse Reservoir yesterday and was blessed with the win on the boater side. A very special thanks to Bob Speers and Michael Schwomeyer for running an awesome tournament. Looking forward to fishing ILF next year. You guys rock!!! Thanks to all my sponsors for their support ‪#‎falconrods‬ ‪#‎viciousfishing‬ ‪#‎okumafishing‬ ‪#‎spro‬ ‪#‎gamakatsu‬ ‪#‎reddirtbaitco‬ ‪#‎lowrance‬ ‪#‎minnkota‬ ‪#‎poorboysbaits‬

David Doran - October 18, 2015

ILF Angler David Doran Thank you Indy League Fishing for giving me the opportunity to win the first Boater/Non-Boater series tournament as a non-boater. I was a boat official all year and know this helped me bring home the win. Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers know how to run a tournament. Also a big shout out to my boater Ray Turner Jr. and his sponsor therubberduckie.com Ray and I fished against the wind all day, in the last period when everyone was struggling to catch fish Ray made the call to move and put me in position to catch my last fish. It turned out to be a $200.00 fish, the difference between 1st and 2nd. Thank you for all the congratulations from everyone!!

Steve Bowcock - October 18, 2015

ILF Angler Steve Bowcock Good morning everyone...tourney update...i fished the Indy Fishing League Boater / Non Boater event as a Non Boater yesterday and pulled off a nice 2nd place finish....it was tough out there but i stuck to it and caught the fish i needed with 3 mins left...as always i want to thank everyone who supports me and a special shout out to Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers for hosting an awesome tourney, ill be back next year!! Thanks also to all my sponsors for their continuing support. ‪#‎xcitebaits‬ ‪#‎hammerrods‬ ‪#‎5limitfishing‬ ‪#‎solarbatsunglasses‬ ‪#‎maddoglures‬ ‪#‎saber6sports‬ ‪#‎bag5baits‬

Lloyd Rush - October 17, 2015

ILF Angler Lloyd Rush Had a great day today on Morris fishing with Indy League Fishing Boater / Non Boater event as a Non Boater! Finished 3rd and I'm happy to finish there it was a cold day with a hard bite and ever harder competition! Now time to enjoy some great times with great friends!

Mike Botos - September 23, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosDay 2 bag on Green River Lake in Kentucky. That's a look of disappointment after realizing we finished 2nd in the Indy Bass Club Classic by less than a pound. The last 2 hours of the tourney was amazing. It all started with the agony of defeat when Josh Ray lost a 5 pounder under one of the few docks on the lake that you can actually skip under. After about 20 minutes of convincing by me, Josh regrouped and stayed in the game. We grinded out 3 solid fish and made 2 good culls to give ourselves a chance after what seemed like yet another mid pack finish on the deep Kentucky lakes. Josh and I have had some pretty cool moments on the boat but the last 2 hours of this tourney, I will never forget. Thanks to Josh and Indy Technologies, Dobyns Rods, The Outdoorsman Sport Shop, Red DiRT Bait Company, River Rat Tackle LLC. and the Indy Bass Club for making this day possible. I also want to give a shout out to Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers with Indy League Fishing. Josh and I both agreed that fishing the ILF helped us with this tourney. We made adjustments to the conditions a lot quicker than in the past. We went to the fish instead of waiting them out like we have in years past. Thanks ILF!!!

Tony Goff - August 25, 2015

ILF Angler Tony GoffI was torn on who to root for, since all you guys became my friends. Looking back, I think the respect that everyone showed each other was amazing in itself. The only person anyone had an issue with, was their self. Looking forward to next year, its a mission now. I know I caught the first bass in the first tournament and finished in 6th place.

Congratulations Joshua M. McDermott, you did good. The first year of the Indy League Fishing is in the books. Bob Speers and Michael Schwomeyer, very glad to be a part of it, count me in for next year. I didn't know several of these guys, now I can say they are all friends. ILF is gonna be here for a long time.

Josh McDermott - August 23, 2015

ILF Angler Josh McDermottWow! Can't believe all of the love and support today, thanks to everyone. And my wife and Keegs were able to come out for awhile and ride along with Michael Schwomeyer and watch me be, uh, colorful. Big thanks to Indy League Fishing for getting this all put together, you guys are completely bad ass. My official today Dave was great, good company and very easy to have in the boat. And he didn't mind me going full Tourettes many times, it was a challenging yet very rewarding tournament. When you play the winding game as I do often, things will go wrong. Head down, chin up

Mike Ehlers - July 29, 2015

ILF Angler Mike EhlersFinally getting a chance to share my thoughts about this weekends tournament, what an awesome way to do a fishing tournament. Thanks Michael Schwomeyer & Bob Speers for putting together a great bunch of guys to be the officials for this tournament!! Everyone that was part of the Indy League Fishing crew had their act together when it came to running a very smooth tournament!!! My official Dave Doran, was on his game the whole day. When I was able to catch a fish, Dave was right there to get the fish weighed and we got it right back in the water. I never had any idea how fast a 2 hour period would just fly by. I'd fish another one that's for sure!!! Had a great time!!

Carl Waddington - June 29, 2016

ILF Angler Carl WaddingtonThank you to everyone that called, texted, or posted after my ILF Championship win. It was one of those days that all the pieces fell into place and I was lucky enough to be on top. TFO Challenge Series Championship
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As I sat here and thought about the past year and the last championship I thought about the sportsmanship exhibited by the other competitors in the ILF series. Yesterday I was coming to a canal opening when Wes Thomas came off the main lake and headed towards it. I was leading and there is no rule saying he has to stay out of "my" water so he could have idled right in and started fishing. Nope he asked if I was headed in there. I said nope I am going to the lake go ahead. He said "are you sure? You are leading and I don't want to get in your way". Thank you Wes class act.

Last year I made the championship and found myself struggling and it lasted all day. The good news is I had last place all to myself. I shook the other 4 men's hands and congratulated them on the win, came home and unloaded my boat. Well this year 4 out of 5 of last year's championship anglers were back so I knew it was going to be one heck of a challenge. If you don't come out of the gate fast you are going to find yourself at the bottom, fast. After the boats were on the trailers every one of those men came to shake my hand and congratulate me. I hope other circuits still have the same fire to win yet respect for their fellow competitors to respect their water and shake their hands weather they win or lose. Josh Ray, Michael Dove, Joshua M. McDermott, Mike Ehlers, Rob Kelley, Wes Thomas, and Mike Horning.

To Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers you guys did a great job on year number two. I can't wait for the next round of events. None of this would happen if he didn't have the dedicated group of officials that volunteer their time to sit on a boat and keep us honest and the fans at home updated. You are certainly the MVP's of this league. Ethan Shaw you did one heck of a job yesterday with all the photos, videos and updates. You certainly have a lot of footage out there for the public to see. That will only help this circuit grow. Jim Miller thank you for all the photos. I know you were there to support Dove but you did a great job of getting photos of all of us. Thanks again.

Mike Ehlers - June 29, 2016

ILF Angler Mike Ehlers I've got to say, ILF is one of the coolest ways to fish a tournament that I have ever experienced! Not only trying to catch fish, but the time management thing is a whole new pressure that affects things more than I ever thought! TFO Challenge Series Championship
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Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers put together one heck of a tournament! You can tell they do their homework when it comes to picking a lake for us to fish!! Can't wait to do it again! Congratulations again to Carl Waddington on his first place finish!! You are the Senko master!! Joshua M. McDermott & Josh Ray congrats on your 2nd & 3rd place finishes, thought I had you both, but who thought a walleye would eat a finesse worm, lol. Enjoyed fishing with everyone this season, all the anglers were a class act! Don't want to forget our officials who had to sit out in the hot sun with us while we fished! In the last period I'm fishing a small canal. The area I'm in is mostly in the shade, I turn and look at my official and I've got Neale sitting in the hot sun sweating all over himself... He said no problem and catch more fish, and that it was just part of the job! Great guy to spend the day with in the boat, all my officials have been great guys! Moe

Chip Swindell - July 28, 2015

ILF Angler Chip SwindellJust wanted to thank Bob and Mike for putting together a great tournament today. Indy League Fishing provides an exciting tournament format unlike any other. Congratulations to Mike Dove on his win. Can't wait for my 2nd chance in the wildcard round!

Mike Dove - July 26, 2015

ILF Angler Mike DoveWhat a Day!! Thanks to Indy League Fishing for putting on a great event! We actually WON!!. It was not pretty , However, it was a battle. Indy League Fishing with the Major league format was unreal!! THE MOST INTENSE - I have ever been on the water!! I feel like I fished in Two Tournaments on the same day!! You have got to give it a try. Now on the Finals! Thanks to everyone who sent Txts, voicemails, emails and phone calls in congratulations, I appreciate it!!

Garry Kincaid - July 28, 2015

ILF Angler Garry KincaidEver have one of those days where you couldn't keep them pinned? Well yesterday was a day I didn't need for that to happen. After the would've, could've, should've, and being ready to go Icconelli on my rods I still wouldn't trade yesterday's experience for nothing. What a great format to fish. Thanks to Bob Speers and Mike Schomeyer for having the vision of creating Indy League Fishing, everything about about it, the highs and lows, it is more intense than you can imagine. All in all I would participate in this event again in a blink of an eye. Congrats to Mike Dove on the win. Thanks to my sponsors, # Tackle cabin.com, Big Hammer, Solarbat, and my wife Tracy for all you do to help me chase this dream.

Mike Botos - June 14, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosWow! What a day!! My Indy League Fishing experience was just that. An Experience!! Im not going to sit here and make excuses for myself. I have been bitten by the bad luck bug this season and IT SUCKS!! Congrats to Joshua M. McDermott on advancing to the finals and Brian Roberts for advancing to the Wild Card Round. Thanks to all that followed us on Stat Tracker Live. As you all saw, my 1st period sucked. Last place after 1 round is no fun. I stayed focused and gave myself a shot in the last period to get to the wildcard round. Myself, Brian, and Andrew Kelley traded blow after blow until Brian pulled it out in the end. Im curious what was going through his mind in period 2 when myself and Andy was catching up.

Thanks to Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Speers for an amazing job running the ILF for us. Guys, this is an awesome tournament. Mike and Bob put in a lot of research and it shows. As an officer of the Indy Bass Club for several years, I know how hard it is to run a tournament trail. These guys have every detail covered. If you are an avid tournament angler, you owe it to yourself to sign up for the next ILF season. It can expose your weaknesses quickly and force you to fix that weakness immediately. Best of luck to the remaining anglers in the next 2 qualifiers. You are all in for a real treat. That's for sure!!

Andrew Kelley - June 12, 2015

ILF Angler Andrew KelleyLooks like I'll be fishing lake Chapman for round 2 of the Indy League Fishing on Sunday. Never been there! Anyone can go to score tracker live or www.indyleaguefishing. com and watch the weight totals through out the day. Wish me luck on this new adventure! Getting all the rods ready. It's so tuff going to a lake I've never seen let alone heard of. Better stick with the lures I do best on. This ILF is really starting to mess with my head and the tournament is still 2 days away. Lol

Carl Waddington - May 9, 2015

ILF Angler Carl WaddingtonThank you goes to Michael Schwomeyer and Bob Spears of Indy League Fishing. They put on a class tournament today. I have not had that much fun bass fishing in years. It's a nice change from the standard tournament series. Of course this couldn't have been pulled off without the help of the boat officials and of course the sponsors. I got to make some new friends and I am looking forward to going this again. Thanks again Mike and Bob. Need to also congratulate Tony Goff on buckling down and making the move into the wild card round. I know you had other things on your mind. Good job buddy Better stick with the lures I do best on.

Tony Goff - May 9, 2015

ILF Angler Tony GoffBob Speers, Michael Schwomeyer, this thing you got going is pretty cool. Thanks for letting me be in on it. My marshall today Chas Messersmith, I really enjoyed having you in the boat with me today. I finished in the second spot, due to the tremendous beat down Carl Waddington gave us today. Had a great time and made some new friends. Also thank you to Michelle Schwomeyer, the crazy camera lady, for all the pictures.

Mike Botos - April 12, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosJust watched the 2 newest episodes of Major League Fishing on MLF Extended Cast. I absolutely can not wait until June 14th for my round in the Indy League Fishing. I have already been practicing the proper fish landing and release to avoid a 2 minute penalty. Every minute will be crucial when fishing against the Studs in my group. You can follow my progress on Stat Tracker Live that day.