2016 Kahlo Challenge Kup Qualifying Round 3

2016 Kahlo Challenge Kup Qualifying Round 3

Advance to Championship

1st Place
Jacob Spencer

ILF Angler Jacob Spencer

2nd Place
Mike Dove

ILF Angler Mike Dove

Advance to Wildcard

3rd Place
Wes Thomas

ILF Angler Wes Thomas

4th Place
Scott Dieterman

ILF Angler Scott Dieterman

Action Shots

Jacob Spencer, Mike Dove, Wes Thomas, Scott Dieterman

Mike Dove's 5lb 8oz Weighing

ILF Boat Official Team

David Doran, George Dugger, Dylan Catlett, Ethan Shaw
Jim Shaw, Mike Blanch, Zane Paddack, Blaine Pyke

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August 28, 2016 on Geist Reservoir, Indianapolis, IN

This is the third and final Qualifying Round of the Kahlo Challenge Kup Series where 8 Anglers are competing in the hopes of advancing to the Championship. The top two automatically gain a position in the Championship and the 3rd and 4th place Anglers advance to a Wildcard Round with a second chance to make it to the Championship Round. The bottom four Anglers are eliminated. Today’s competing Anglers: Jacob Spencer, Mike Dove, Wes Thomas, Scott Dieterman, Gary Straber, Brad Hostetler, Kevin Kahlo and Don Spencer.

The Lake: The Lake chosen for Round 3 was Geist Reservoir, Indianapolis, IN. Anglers were notified of the lake they would be fishing 24 hours prior to the start and the lake was off limits up until the start. For Periods 1 and 2 the Anglers were only allowed to fish from the 96th street Bridge to the dam. Period 3 we also opened up the area from the idle zone at the Olio Ramp to the dam.

Conditions: Period 1 7:30am to 9:30am: Overcast sky, water temp 79 degrees and no wind. Period 2 started at 10:15am to 12:15pm with full sun, water temp 80 degrees and a slight breeze. Period 3 started at 1pm to 3pm again with full sun, water temp 82 degrees and a very slight breeze. Water clarity slightly stained to clear with heavy vegetation.

Period 1: All eight Anglers made the Leaderboard catching a total of 37 Scorable Bass. Jacob Spencer jumped out to an early lead catching a 3lb 12oz and a 2lb 13oz back to back. That put him in first place at the end of period 1 with a total of 13lbs even, followed by Wes Thomas with 7lbs 6ozs, Scott Dieterman with 7lbs 2ozs and Mike Dove with 6lbs 6ozs. Things were shaping up to be a real battle with no one out of it.

Period 2: Jacob Spencer continued to increase his lead catching 7 more Scorable Bass for a total weight for the period of 21lbs 14ozs. Mike Dove moved into second place by catching a 5lb 8oz game changer along with 3 more fish for a total of 15lbs 5ozs.; Mike’s 5 pounder wound up being big bass of the day. Wes Thomas slipped back to third place with 12lbs 2ozs and Scott Dieterman maintained his 4th position with 8lbs 13ozs. Gary Straber and Brad Hostetler within a pound of Scott and at this point no one was out of a chance to advance. There were a total of 24 additional fish caught the second period.

Period 3: It was a good thing Jacob Spencer built up his lead early because he only caught one 11oz bass in the third period. Jacob won the round with 22lbs 9ozs and moves on to our Championship Round. There were two back and forth battles going on in the third period between 2nd and 3rd place and 4th and 5th place with chances to move on to either the Championship or Wildcard Rounds. With 2 minutes left in the 3rd period Mike Dove and Wes Thomas were only ounces apart with Wes in the lead however Mike Dove caught a 1lb 8oz Scorable Bass at the very end to capture 2nd place with a total weight of 19lbs even to move to the Championship Round. Wes Thomas finished with 18lbs 2ozs for a second chance in the Wildcard. The 4th and 5th place battle was even closer with just 2ozs separating them. Scott Dieterman finished 4th with 12lbs 15ozs to earn a place in the Wildcard and Gary Straber finished 5th 12lbs 13ozs to be eliminated along with Brad Hostetler, Kevin Kahlo and Don Spencer.

The Strategies: Not a lot of strategies were revealed but Jacob started the day fishing grass flats near the islands with a large plastic worm. Mike Dove the king of skipping baits finished up around docks.

Penalties: All 8 Anglers were accessed penalties during the round for fish handling violations.

Boat Officials: Special thanks to ILF Boat Officials: David Doran, George Dugger, Dylan Catlett, Ethan Shaw, Jim Shaw, Mike Blanch, Zane Paddack and Blaine Pyke.

Special Thanks: To Jim Miller and Bobby Adams Fishing for spending the day at our event taking great photos and videos.

Special Thanks to our Sponsor for this Series: Kevin Kahlo of Kahlo Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and stay tuned for the Wildcard Round.

Kahlo Challenge Kup Series Qualifying Round #3 Results

Place Advance Angler Weight Average Biggest Fish # of Fish Penalties
1st Championship Jacob Spencer 22 lb 09 oz 1 lb 07 oz 3 lb 12 oz 16 6 minutes
2nd Championship Mike Dove 19 lb 00 oz 1 lb 12 oz 5 lb 08 oz 11 2 minutes
3rd Wildcard Wes Thomas 18 lb 02 oz 1 lb 05 oz 2 lb 00 oz 14 6 minutes
4th Wildcard Scott Dieterman 12 lb 15 oz 1 lb 07 oz 1 lb 13 oz 9 2 minutes
5th Eliminated Gary Straber 12 lb 13 oz 1 lb 04 oz 2 lb 09 oz 10 2 minutes
6th Eliminated Brad Hostetler 8 lb 12 oz 1 lb 04 oz 1 lb 14 oz 7 2 minutes
7th Eliminated Kevin Kahlo 7 lb 01 oz 1 lb 03 oz 1 lb 06 oz 6 2 minutes
8th Eliminated Don Spencer 6 lb 09 oz 1 lb 02 oz 1 lb 09 oz 6 6 minutes