2016 Kahlo Challenge Kup Qualifying Round 2

2016 Kahlo Challenge Kup Qualifying Round 2

Advance to Championship

1st Place
Josh McDermott

ILF Angler Josh McDermott

2nd Place
Ron Moody

ILF Angler Ron Moody

Advance to Wildcard

3rd Place
Jeff Tennell

ILF Angler Jeff Tennell

4th Place
Aaron Hochstedler

ILF Angler AaronHochstedler

ILF Boat Official Team

David Doran, Lloyd Rush, Carl Davis, Jeff Pontius
Mike Hamaker, Mike Blanch, Griffin Fernandes, Ron Miller

Josh McDermott & Kevin Kalho

Josh's wrapped truck sponsored by RAM and Kalho

August 20, 2016 on Morse Reservoir Noblesville, IN

8 Anglers competed in the Kahlo Challenge Kup Series Qualifying Round 2 hoping to advance to the Championship. The 8 anglers were Josh McDermott, Ron Moody, Jeff Tennell, Aaron Hochstedler, Robert Cowart, Carl Waddington, Wayne Wells and Garry Kincaid. The first and second place Anglers automatically advance to the Championship Round and the third and fourth place Anglers advance to a Wild Card Round with a second chance to make it to the Championship Round. The bottom four Anglers are eliminated.

The Lake: The Lake chosen for Round 2 was Morse Reservoir, Noblesville, IN. Periods 1 the entire Hinkle Creek cove was off limits as well as anything north of the bridge at Red Bridge Park in Cicero. Period 2 Hinkle Creek cove was opened up to the anglers and period 3 all of Morse Reservoir was open to the Anglers. Each period was 2 hours.

Conditions: Period 1 some fog and very cloudy skies with rain threatening. The temps mid low to mid 80’s, period 2 mostly rain throughout the period which did help the bite. Period 3 the rain stopped and was mostly cloudy.

Period 1: There were 15 fish caught and six Anglers made the Leaderboard. Robert Cowart led the way with 5 fish weighing 6lbs 2ozs followed by Jeff Tennell with 2 fish at 5lbs 10ozs including a 3lb 13oz bass that wound up being the big bass for the day. Josh McDermott was in third at the end of period 1 with 4lbs 3ozs followed by Aaron Hochstedler with 3lbs 5ozs.

Period 2: The rain showed up along with the bite and the Anglers catching an additional 18 fish. Jeff Tennell was now in first place with 10lbs 9ozs closely followed by Josh McDermott with 9lbs 11ozs. Robert Cowart drop back to third place with 7lbs 08ozs and Aaron Hochstedler maintained the fourth position with 6lbs 2ozs. However, at this point no one felt secure in their positions with Carl Waddington and Ron Moody sitting in 6th and 7th place with just over 5lbs each. Seven Anglers were now on the Leaderboard.

Period 3: An additional 16 fish were caught in the third and final period shaking up the leaderboard. Josh McDermott pulled away from the field finishing in first place with 13lbs 3ozs assuring him a position in the Championship Round. Ron Moody with a strong finish in the third period captured second place with 11lbs 10ozs also assuring him a position in the Championship Round. Jeff Tennell also finished with 11lbs 10ozs however the rules state that the tie breaker is settled first by the number of fish and then by the largest fish. So Ron beat out Jeff by catching 9 fish to Jeff’s 6 fish putting Jeff in third place with a second chance opportunity in the Wildcard to make it to the Championship. Also getting a second chance to the Championship through a Wildcard Round is Aaron Hochstedler finishing fourth with 10lbs 8ozs. Robert Cowart just missed out moving forward by one 12oz fish.

The Strategies: Josh fished mostly on the main lake around rock and bridges. Ron Moody made his comeback in Hinkle Creek, Jeff fished mostly the rock bank at the dam and Aaron fished mostly docks. It was a tough August day for everyone.

Penalties: Five Anglers were accessed penalties during the round for fish handling or life jacket violations.

Boat Officials: Special thanks to ILF Boat Officials: David Doran, Carl Davis, Lloyd Rush, Jeff Pontius, Mike Hamaker, Mike Blanch, Griffin Fernandes and Ron Miller.

Special Thanks to our Sponsor for this Series: Kahlo Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and stay tuned for Qualifying Round 2 August 28, 2016.

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Kahlo Challenge Kup Series Qualifying Round #2 Results

Place Advance Angler Weight Average Biggest Fish # of Fish Penalties
1st Championship Josh McDermott 13 lb 03 oz 1 lb 05 oz 1 lb 14 oz 10 2 minutes
2nd Championship Ron Moody 11 lb 10 oz 1 lb 05 oz 1 lb 11 oz 9 10 minutes
3rd Wildcard Jeff Tennell 11 lb 10 oz 1 lb 15 oz 3 lb 13 oz 6 4 minutes
4th Wildcard Aaron Hochstedler 10 lb 08 oz 1 lb 03 oz 1 lb 10 oz 9 4 minutes
5th Eliminated Robert Cowart 9 lb 12 oz 1 lb 06 oz 2 lb 04 oz 7 13 minutes
6th Eliminated Carl Waddington 5 lb 14 oz 1 lb 03 oz 1 lb 06 oz 5 0 minutes
7th Eliminated Garry Kincaid 2 lb 03 oz 1 lb 02 oz 1 lb 04 oz 5 0 minutes
8th Eliminated Wayne Wells 2 lb 00 oz 2 lb 00 oz 2 lb 00 oz 1 0 minutes