2016 Kahlo Challenge Kup Qualifying Round 1

2016 Kahlo Challenge Kup Qualifying Round 1

Advance to Championship

1st Place
BJ Butcher

ILF Angler BJ Butcher

2nd Place
Brian Roberts

ILF Angler Brian Roberts

Advance to Wildcard

3rd Place
Tony Goff

ILF Angler Tony Goff

4th Place
Mike Botos

ILF Angler Mike Botos

ILF Boat Official Team

Ted McClintick, George Dugger, David Doran, Dylan Catlett, David Jenkins, Kenny Muse, Johnny Williams, Michael Williams, Mike and Bob on each end.

The Catch, Landing, Weighing, Release

How it's done by Mike Botos

August 7, 2016 on Tippecanoe / James Lake, near Warsaw,IN

8 Anglers competed in the Kahlo Challenge Kup Series Qualifying Round 1 hoping to advance to the Championship. The 8 anglers were BJ Butcher, Brian Roberts, Tony Goff, Mike Botos, Michael Blanch Jr, Nate Redman, Josh Ray and Rod Coffing. The first and second place Anglers automatically advance to the Championship Round and the third and fourth place Anglers advance to a Wild Card Round with a second chance to make it to the Championship Round. The bottom four Anglers are eliminated.

The Lake: The Lake chosen for Round 1 was Lake Tippecanoe/James Lake, near Warsaw, IN. Periods 1 and 2 the Anglers were limited to Lake Tippecanoe and Period 3 James Lake was open also so Anglers had access to both. Each period was 2 hours.

Conditions: Very hot day in the upper 80’s to 90’s mostly full sun and blue skies. Water temp ranged from 79 – 84 degrees. Water clarity was up to 10 feet and winds 5 -10mph out of the north. These conditions held pretty much most of the day.

Period 1: There were 22 fish caught and the bite started early with BJ Butcher, Brian Roberts and Mike Botos battling it out for the lead. By the end of period 1 BJ Butcher led the way with 8 fish weighing 8lbs 14ozs followed by Brian Roberts with 7 fish weighing 7lbs 5ozs and Mike Botos with 4 fish at 6lbs 7ozs. Six of the eight Anglers made the Leaderboard by the end of period 1.

Period 2: There were an additional 22 fish caught in the 2nd period with BJ Butcher maintaining his lead with 12lbs 15ozs and Brian Roberts right on his heals with 12lbs 4ozs. Tony Goff and Mike Botos continued to battle it out both finishing the 2nd period with 8lbs 3ozs. All 8 Anglers were now on the Leaderboard but the bottom 4 Anglers need to find some fish if they do not want to be eliminated.

Period 3: BJ Butcher clinched the round catching a 4lb 3oz fish near the end of period 3 finishing in first place with the right to move on to the Championship Round with a total weight of 24lbs 12ozs and 21 fish caught. The battle for second place and a right to move to the Championship Round really heated up towards the end of the 3rd period with Tony Goff making a move to catch Brian Roberts. In the end Roberts won the battle finishing second and the right to move to the Championship with 19 fish 19lbs 5ozs. Tony Goff with 18lbs 4ozs and Mike Botos 12lbs 2ozs earned a position in the Wildcard Round in hopes of moving onto the Championship. The bottom 4 Anglers began figuring things out and putting fish on the Leaderboard but too late in the game.

The Strategies: Due to the clarity of the lakes and the high sun Anglers seek out shady banks, docks and weed lines to score fish.

Penalties: Seven Anglers were accessed penalties during the round for fish handling or life jacket violations. BJ Butcher had the worst possible penalty, landed a Scorable Bass that flipped off the hook hit the carpet and flipped back in the lake, so it never got weighed but cost him 2 minutes.

Boat Officials: Special thanks to ILF Boat Officials: David Doran, George Dugger, Ted McClintick, Dylan Catlett, David Jenkins, Kenny Muse, Johnny Williams and Michael Williams.

Special Thanks to our Sponsor for this Series: Kahlo Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and stay tuned for Qualifying Round August 20, 2016.

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Kahlo Challenge Kup Series Qualifying Round #1 Results

Place Advance Angler Weight Average Biggest Fish # of Fish Penalties
1st Championship BJ Butcher 24 lb 12 oz 1 lb 03 oz 4 lb 13 oz 21 6 minutes
2nd Championship Brian Roberts 19 lb 05 oz 1 lb 00 oz 1 lb 07 oz 19 8 minutes
3rd Wildcard Tony Goff 16 lb 08 oz 1 lb 03 oz 1 lb 12 oz 15 0 minutes
4th Wildcard Mike Botos 12 lb 02 oz 1 lb 02 oz 1 lb 13 oz 11 2 minutes
5th Eliminated Michael Blanch Jr 6 lb 13 oz 1 lb 03 oz 2 lb 05 oz 6 6 minutes
6th Eliminated Nate Redman 6 lb 02 oz 1 lb 00 oz 1 lb 03 oz 6 5 minutes
7th Eliminated Josh Ray 6 lb 00 oz 1 lb 03 oz 1 lb 11 oz 5 2 minutes
8th Eliminated Rod Coffing 4 lb 15 oz 0 lb 16 oz 1 lb 05 oz 5 2 minutes