Become a ILF Boat Official

Become a ILF Boat Official

Learn...New Techniques... New Lakes...Its Fun!

We are looking for Boat Officials for our 2016 season. If you would like to volunteer as a Boat Official please click here to Contact Us. The ILF Boat Official’s will be equipped with the SCORETRACKER™ Scoring System Device along with the official MLF scale and clip. The Duties of the Boat Official is to weigh and record Scorable fish and post to the leader board. The Boat Official will also be the timekeeper and will issue penalties for any Angler violation of the rules. For information go to Boat Official's Role. ILF will provide training for each Boat Official.

If you would like to become a Boat Official
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2016 Schedule

Words From our Boat Officials

Chas Messersmith - August 25, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosWell lets see..... im a few days late with this but, here goes.... I went into the Indy League Fishing deal looking to learn .... new ways to catch fish, new places to catch fish, different techniques . What I got out of this, was way more than i figured !! I feel I can say that not only did I learn these things, I also saw my "fishing family" grow leaps and bounds !!!

Dustin Kelso - August 25, 2015

ILF Angler Mike Botos As a Boat Official it was very difficult to keep quiet. Not that I know more than the Angler but could point something out that they may have missed. A couple other things I learned, throw more than one bait in an area after you catch several may catch more and sometimes they are bigger fish. Move around more. If you're not getting bit and not comfortable, move to another location. Helps your confidence.

Ted McClintick - June 21, 2015

ILF Angler Mike Botos After 3 rounds completed with Indy League Fishing I felt like it was a great time re-post this video. As an official for ILF you get to witness firsthand the effects of this format on the anglers. The question isn't whether or not you will let it get to you, but more so how you will handle it when it does! If you're an avid tournament angler you really should check out the ILF, exciting stuff!!


  • An Indy League Fishing Boat Official will accompany each Angler throughout each day’s competition.
  • Each Boat Official will be required to have a SmartPhone or tablet with internet connection that allows the Boat Official to register fish caught in the SCORETRACKER™ Scoring System. The Boat Official will update the Angler though out the day as to the Anglers position on the Leaderboard. The Boat Official is responsible for weighing and recording the weight of each Scorable catch and update the SCORETRACKER™ real-time leaderboard. At no time is the Boat Official to come in contact with the catch.
  • The Boat Official will serve as rules enforcer. time keeper and the boat’s official scorekeeper.
  • Specific Penalty Violations will be assessed “on the spot” by the Boat Official and all other violations will be logged in the Boat Official’s log book.
  • Rules decisions made by a Boat Official are considered final, unless an Angler chooses to submit a written protest to the Commissioner.