2015 Inaugural Qualifying Round 1

2015 Inaugural Qualifying Round 1

First Place

ILF Angler Carl Waddington

Carl Waddington

Second Place

ILF Angler Tony Goff

Tony Goff

Lake Tippecanoe / James, Indiana

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May 9, 2015 at Tippecanoe Lake / James Lake

5 Anglers competed in Round #1 to move on, the first place Angler automatically moves to the Championship Round and the second place Angler moves to a Wild Card Round with a second chance to make it to the Championship Round.

Carl Waddington got off to a fast start over the field with 14 fish weighing 15lb 11oz at the end of period 1. The closest competitor was Kevin Crossley with 6 fish weighing 6lb 12oz. Period 2 Carl increased his lead with a total weight of 20lb 3oz. Period 2 became a race between Tony Goff and Kevin Crossley fighting for second place.

At the end of period 2 Tony moved into second place with 10lb 6oz followed by Kevin with 8lb 7oz. At the end of the third period Carl pulled further ahead to win the ILF Round #1 with 29 fish weighing 32lb 5oz and Tony finished strong for second place with 15 fish weighing 17lb even.

Penalties: there were a total of 15 penalties issued against the Anglers. It started off with Kevin Crossley being so excited to be in this event that he forgot to wear his life jacket in the ride around getting to his first spot. He was issued a 5 minute penalty before even starting to fish. Even though Carl Waddington was the winner of Round #1 he had 7 fish handling/landing penalties two minutes each.

Special thanks to the Boat Officials for Round #1: Ted McClintic, Dustin Kelso, Chas Messersmith, David Dorn and Lloyd Rush

Yamaha Youth Anglers: Part of the ILF program is to envolve the next generation. Yamaha and ILF have joined together to allow Tipton High School Bass Anglers Club to shadow the Qualifying Rounds. For Round #1 Austin Nightenhelser and Jacob Tragesser participated. See results here.

ILF Qualifying Round #1 Results

Place Angler Weight Average Biggest Fish # of Fish Penalties
1st Carl Waddington 32 lb 05 oz 1 lb 02 oz 1 lb 11 oz 29 14 minutes
2nd Tony Goff 17 lb 00 oz 1 lb 02 oz 1 lb 15 oz 15 6 minutes
3rd Kevin Crossley 12 lb 10 oz 0 lb 16 oz 1 lb 10 oz 13 11 minutes
4th Tim Cooper 9 lb 04 oz 0 lb 15 oz 1 lb 06 oz 10 2 minutes
5th Mike Horning 4 lb 01 oz 0 lb 11 oz 0 lb 15 oz 6 0 minutes

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