How will I know which lake I will be fishing?

All Anglers in a specific event round will be notified of the lake location the day before your event.

Will the entire lake be open to fish other than restricted areas set by the DNR?

It will depend on the lake and the ILF Commissioners as to whether lake areas will be zoned off as non –fishing areas. Anglers will be informed about fishable areas prior to launch the day of their event.

What is a typical day on the water like?

The day will start with a pre-tournament meeting where you will learn about the format for that day, which Boat Official or Co-Angler Official will be assigned to your boat and basic rules for that day including starting time to begin fishing. After the pre-tournament meeting you will be permitted to launch your boat. Each Boater will be given a 15 minute ride around to determine their starting fishing spot. There will be 3 two hour or two and one-half hour periods with 30 minutes between periods.

Where do I go at the end of each period?

In the pre-tournament meeting you will be informed of a specific area on the lake where all Boaters will meet during the period breaks. The period break time does not start until all Anglers have returned to the designated area unless the Commissioner says otherwise.

What I am allowed to do between period breaks?

Most Anglers use this time to make adjustments to fishing gear such as change lures. Also many use the time to snack or have a lunch.

What is the start order?

At the start of the day there will be a shotgun start to enter the 15 minute ride around. After that the start order will be determined by the Anglers position on the Leaderboard for the second and third period.

Entry Fees

Angler entry fees must be paid in advance of the event. No entry fees will be accepted the day of the tournament. Entry fees are refundable if you are unable to make the event.

How do I get listed on the ScoreTracker leaderboard?

Approximately 5 days ahead of your event you will receive an email inviting you to join the ScoreTracker system. Your login will be your email and you will need to add a password which you will also need the day of your event.

Do I need a SmartPhone to fish an ILF event?

There are two answers to this question. If your event is a Boater/Boat Official or Boater/Volunteer Boat Official event the Boat Official is required to have a SmartPhone or Tablet with internet service. If you are in a Boater/Non Boater Draw, Team / Co-Angler Draw or Two Boater Draw event yes you are required to have a SmartPhone or Tablet with internet service.

Are Anglers responsible for ramp launch fees?


Are fishing nets allowed during an ILF event?


Am I allowed to place a fish in the livewell?

Yes if you consider the fish to be a trophy fish and wish to mount it later. Yes if your assigned ILF Scale is not working or broke in that case you may place that fish in the livewell. Call the Commissioner for a replacement ILF Scale.