Testimonials Boat Officials

Testimonials Boat Officials

Chas Messersmith - August 25, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosWell lets see..... im a few days late with this but, here goes.... I went into the Indy League Fishing deal looking to learn .... new ways to catch fish, new places to catch fish, different techniques . What I got out of this, was way more than i figured !! I feel I can say that not only did I learn these things, I also saw my "fishing family" grow leaps and bounds !!! I spent two days on the water with Tony Goff, what a great guy, Tony made me see things in myself I didnt know i had !! Michael Dove......... that dude is "balls to the walls" A super nice guy that breathes this thing we call fishing... its a deep passion within him that shows EVERY time i see him !! Now, Josh Ray, this guy had a couple good fish get off Sunday at Racoon, he kept his head down and kept grinding at it, never gave up,right down to the last second of fishing time, even made a few casts after time expired still looking for that last fish !! Im very proud to say i spent time in the boat with all these guys, learned a little about what makes them tick, and even a little about bass fishing.. as far as im concerned ,Ya'll are champions !! Thank you to all of you !!

Dustin Kelso - August 25, 2015

ILF Angler Mike Botos As a Boat Official it was very difficult to keep quiet. Not that I know more than the Angler but could point something out that they may have missed. A couple other things I learned, throw more than one bait in an area after you catch several fish...you may catch more and sometimes they are bigger fish. Move around more. If you're not getting bit and not comfortable, move to another location. Helps your confidence.

Josh McDermott - August 23, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosMy official today Dave Doran was great, good company and very easy to have in the boat. And he didn't mind me going full Tourettes many times, it was a challenging yet very rewarding tournament. When you play the winding game as I do often, things will go wrong. Head down, chin up

Mike Ehlers - July 29, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosMy official Dave Doran, was on his game the whole day. When I was able to catch a fish, Dave was right there to get the fish weighed and we got it right back in the water. I never had any idea how fast a 2 hour period would just fly by. I'd fish another one that's for sure!!! Had a great time!! Moe

Ted McClintick - June 21, 2015

ILF Angler Mike Botos After 3 rounds completed with Indy League Fishing I felt like it was a great time re-post this video. As an official for ILF you get to witness firsthand the effects of this format on the anglers. The question isn't whether or not you will let it get to you, but more so how you will handle it when it does! If you're an avid tournament angler you really should check out the ILF, exciting stuff!!

Josh McDermott - June 14, 2015

ILF Angler Mike BotosI had a great time with Ted McClintick (boat official), thanks for sharing your day with me. I was stubborn in the last period until I felt a little heat from Brian, then I knew I had to go and pop a few to seal the deal. Couldn't have asked for a better official, you made it easy for me to just fish.