ILF Takes a Trip to “The BASS University”

February 2015, Columbus OH

On the weekend of February 13th the ILF team of Mike, Bob, Ted McClintick (Lead Boat Official) and his lovely wife Natalie got to learn and rub elbows with the top pro anglers at The BASS University in Columbus OH. We even enjoyed dinner with some of the pro angles – see photo to the left. All in all it was a great time. Here are some of the class subjects and discussions:

Mark Menendez Topic 1: Cranking Tactics Temperature vs. Retrieve Angle: Mark’s degree in fisheries biology, paired with his understanding of how water temperature affects the black bass’s eating habits is second to none! Mark will also share a detailed look at the correct retrieving angles to entice bass based on the predominant water temperature. Topic 2: Cranks During the Spawn: Mark explains why cranking during the spawning period can be a very productive technique; many times cranking can be the BEST technique for lunker-sized bass.

Bernie Schultz Topic 1: Topwater Tactics: Topwater magician Bernie Schultz offers an incredibly in-depth look at fishing with walking baits, poppers, prop baits, and buzzbaits. Topic 2: Finding Bass Fast: Strategies and preparation for finding fish on unfamiliar waters.

Fletcher Shryock Topic 1: Flipping and Pitching: Fletcher discusses various types of cover and how to target big fish with flipping and pitching throughout the year. Topic 2: Targeting Great Lakes Smallmouth: Learn about Fletcher’s best baits, tactics, and what to look for when targeting BIG smallmouth bass on the great lakes.

Bryan Thrift Topic 1: The Damiki Air Frog: Frog fishing tactics have adapted quite a bit in recent years and anglers have figured out how to use frogs to catch big bass in more situations. Bryan is well known among anglers for his versatility on the water and he will offer advanced insight on how you can utilize frog fishing tactics to catch giant bass in a variety of situations throughout the year. Topic 2: The Art of Skipping Baits: Bryan has been described by fellow pro anglers and fishing media as a dock fishing “machine” for his ability to skip non-conventional dock fishing baits such as buzzbaits under docks and overhanging trees! Bryan understands that presenting your bait effectively is one of the most important elements to catching more bass than other anglers. By utilizing Bryan’s advice, you will drastically improve your casting and fish catching skill-set.

Pete Glusek Topic 1: Sonar/ GPS Electronics: Pete will help you understand the latest innovations in electronics such as side scan, down scan, and much more. Pete will also offer advice for utilizing 2d and traditional sonar units. Topic 2: Understanding Bass Forage: Understanding what the bass eat may be one of the most overlooked elements in bass fishing! Pete will teach about forage such as shad, herring, crawfish, gobies, perch, sunfish, etc. Understanding the forage will help you to become more effective at selecting lures with the action, size, and color that best fits what the bass are eating.

Ish Monroe Topic 1: Fishing For Big Fish: Tips, tackle, and tech for targeting the true giants in the water. If you want to catch more trophy bass, this is the seminar for you! Topic 2: Ish Monroe Tournament Tactics: Ish’s reveals his most effective tactics, tackle, and gear for tournament scenarios.

Bryan Thrift | Bernie Schultz | Mark Menendez
Ish Monroe | Fletcher Shryock | Pete Gluszek

BASS University Columbus OH February 2015

Mark Menendez | Ish Monroe | Fletcher Shryock

BASS University Columbus OH February 2015

Dinner with Some Pros & Friends
Bill Decoteau BU Master of Ceremonies | Natalie McClintick | Ted McClintick ILF Lead Boat Official | Mike Schowmeyer | Bob Speers | Bernie Schultz | Mark Menendez

BASS University Columbus OH February 2015